Clinical Trials

If a physician is a specialist especially Oncologist who has some interest or experience in research, there are a lot of opportunities in pharma industry to do clinical trials. Like so many things, LinkedIn is the best place to show your interest after making a good profile on LinkedIn. Google is an other source to … Read more

Medical Expert Witness

Either you can be defending a physician who is not liable or providing a testimony for a physician who is liable. It can be interesting to work with and solve capital cases, title 9 cases, human trafficking evaluations, date rape drug, sex assault, fitness for duty etc. Learn more Getting Started as an Expert Witness … Read more


You can visit the following sites for more information and join if you like. American Telemedicine Association MDlive Doctor On Demand  HealthTap Khealth Amwell Teladoc

Physician Advisor

Physician Advisors typically do status reviews between observation and Inpatient which is called utilization management. This we can do from home. There are other things physician advisors do at hospital like helping with ER throughput, teaching peers, etc. 5 years of clinical work in the hospital is usually required. You can work for the hospital … Read more


Consulting work in medical innovation work. Work with pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies to help them create, test and investigate new products. Medical Consulting – McKinsey How to Start, Build & Run A Successful Physician Consulting Practice? Retail Consulting – Advisor for retail/cosmetic company Curb side consulting for medical students, residents and physicians. GLG counsulting and … Read more